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Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!

399 years ago a genius was born; he was named William Shakespeare. For some people it is unclear whether he actually existed or not, but what everybody agrees with is that the plays signed by Shakespeare marked a turning point in universal literature.

Verona is a privileged town because the English playwright used it as the set for three of his plays, including the worldwide famous Romeo and Juliet.

To celebrate Shakespeare’s anniversary, several activities will take place in Verona between tomorrow, April 24th, and Sunday, April 26th, including performances in the city center, conferences and events for children.

From Palazzo Victoria we invite you to strut your hour upon the stage and to live the magic in the city of love.

For more information (in Italian):



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The spring is about to arrive!

Giardino Giusti. Source:

Giardino Giusti. Source:


Sunny skies. Warm weather. Peaceful atmosphere. Nice feelings… and not that many people around: This is how Verona looks like in the spring, the season of rebirth.

The spring is one of the best periods of the year to discover not only Verona, but also other nice places in Veneto; Palazzo Victoria invites you to do it with the Spring Offer, in a way that you can enjoy our special rates for your stay during the freshest season.

To get more information about the offer please visit:

We hope to see you (and to have you) soon! 


Arena di Verona. Source:

Arena di Verona. Source:

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Verona puts on its ‘maschera più bella’ for Carnival



For another year, we’re all dusting off our costumes and trying on our masks for Carnival. During these happy days, at Palazzo Victoria we’re letting in a little magic and daydreaming. As some of you might know, some parties and parades will be taking place in Verona until Friday 13th, which will be the most special day of all: il Venerdì Gnocolar. But in order to understand the true importance of this day, we should do a little trip back in time.

Farewell hunger
In the mid years of the 17th century, the Veronese faced some tough times. Hunger and illness were the daily companions, and many people died to them. It was not until a wealthy doctor made a donation to the people around San Zeno, providing them with wine, flour, potatoes… so that these poor people could fight hunger and survive. Mr. Tommaso da Vico, that was the name of the doctor, stated that every year, around these same dates, the people would be given some food. And, involuntarily, he started the tradition of Gnocchi (now best-known as the local dish) and the Venerdì Gnocolar, which symbolize the end of the suffering for the people.

90 minutes by train from Venice
But the music, the costumes and the good mood are not the only advantages of celebrating Carnival in Verona…
Everybody knows that the Carnival of Venice is the most important one in the world. In fact, finding a place to stay there during these days is highly difficult. However, staying in Verona, you’d only be 90 minutes by train from Venice. Do you want to visit Venice these days? Perhaps you should have this option in mind!
In the meantime, you could try on your most beautiful mask, and prepare for the time of your life in the heart of Veneto.

For more information about Carnival activities in Verona (in Italian):


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In the mood for Jazz

From January 24th to February 27th, the sensuous sound of Jazz music will echo on the walls of Il Teatro Ristori thanks to the new edition of  Verona Jazz Winter, a true celebration of the joy of Jazz and its artists, both from Italy and from abroad.

The six scheduled concerts will allow the audience to travel thoughout the world by means of the rhythm, from the hottest latin sounds to the newest Italian voices:

Saturday January 24th | 9 pm.

–          Enrico Rava & Stefano Bollani

–          Stefano Bollani Danish Trio

Friday January 30th | 9 pm.

–          Latin Mood

Thursday February 5th | 9 pm.

–          Chiara Civello

Thursday February 12th | 9 pm.

–          Alessandro Lanzoni Trio

Saturday February 21st | 9 pm.

–          Luna Tucumana

Friday February 27th | 9 pm.

–          Parco della Musica Jazz Orchestra

If you want to have more information about the festival, feel free to visit: The information is displayed both in Italian and in English.

From Palazzo Victoria, we invite you all to let yourself go with the flow 


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What can you do in Verona this Christmas?

Are you staying in Verona these days? There are many things you can do in town during Christmas. Let’s take a look at some of these options:

– To have a nice cup of hot chocolate with a slice of Pandoro, the typical Veronese Christmas dessert

– To visit every museum and monument you want. The lesser people in town, the less longer lines!

– To watch the exhibition of nativities at L’Arena, open until January 25th

– To do some shopping at the Christmas Street Market at la Piazza dei Signori, until December 28th

– And, of course, to go through a whole experience of comfort and relaxation at Palazzo Victoria 

Do you like these plans? Then we’ll be waiting for you!



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Palazzo Victoria goes back to the 70’s

What happened during the 70’s?

We danced to the rhythm of Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, ABBA and The Bee Gees. We dreamed, cried, laughed and screamed over the work of Gene Hackman, Faye Dunaway, Marlon Brando, Linda Blair and Sylvester Stallone

When we look at old pictures, we smile at our peculiar hairstyles, and laughter comes when we remember those moves of us on the dancefloor. Those were the wonderful 70’s

What happens now?

Palazzo Victoria wants to recreate the feeling and the aesthetics of those great years, in order to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in a very special fashion. If you want to dust off your old wardrobe and feel the spirit of the 70’s again, you can now do it with us. These are our proposals for you:

Christmas Shopping Package:

Christmas Package:

New Year’s Package:

Get a permanent, some cool glasses and join us!


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3AL36: Quarta edizione, Lunedì 24 novembre

Ancora una volta, vi proponiamo una magnifica serata del 3AL36 evento giunto alla sua quarta edizione.Far conoscere agli ospiti del Borsari 36 la cucina d’eccellenza, è una missione che accogliamo con entusiasmo. Per questo selezioniamo attentamente, ogni volta, gli ospiti che affiancheranno il nostro Carmine Calò. Stavolta tocca a Arnaldo Laghi e Renato Bosco. Non mancate, lunedì 24 novembre, il 3al36 è qui per tentarvi ancora.
Prenotazioni ancora disponibili!
Per info:
Chiamaci: 045 8000779



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Visite gratuite alla GAM Achille Forti, ogni Domenica!

La città di Verona ha sempre cose da offrire: la sua vita è ricca di eventi culturali e possibilità per tutti i gusti. Pertanto, per tutti gli appassionati d’arte, in particolare quella moderna, siamo felici di informarvi che da Domenica 26 Ottobre, per ogni Domenica, sono previste visite gratuite alla Galleria d’Arte Moderna Forti Achille dalle 11.30 alle 16.00.

La Galleria è stata dedicata  ad Achille Forti, botanico e importante patrono, grazie ai suoi contributi al mondo culturale di Verona e possiede un repertorio di opere ricchissimo : tutte le principali tendenze e gli artisti della modernità italiana, come Carlo Scarpa e Angelo Dall’Oca Bianca, sono esposte.

Da Palazzo Victoria, ti ricordiamo di non lasciarti sfuggire una così bella occasione…



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A winter of classical music in Verona


It is usual that, after hearing the word ‘Verona‘, one thinks of Romeo and Juliet‘s setting. This is a very beautiful label, but the truth is Verona is much more than that. It is a fine place to live in and a lovely destination to visit. Also, it is a worldwide capital of classical music, something one realizes upon seeing all the events scheduled for this winter season.

Stagione Sinfonica della Fondazione Arena
Until May 19th 2015, there will be a program of four concerts at il Teatro Ristori, the four of them commemorating Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Also there will be a program of ten concerts at il Teatro Filarmonico, dedicated, in this case, to contemporary composers.
Two special concerts will be performed during the season: Il Concerto di Capodanno on December 31st and Il Concerto dei Solisti del Conservatorio on May 19th.

Amici della musica: Stagione concertistica
Until April 2015, the special program designed by Amici della musica, a cultural society created back in 1909, will include both Italian and international recognized musicians doing their renditions to the music of Schumann, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Bartók and many other music geniuses.

From Palazzo Victoria, in the true sense of the romantic, we invite all music lovers from all around the world to get bathed in the magical scene of Verona and make of it the soundtrack of their winter days.

For more information involving the events: (in Italian)




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Palazzo Victoria Contemporanea: Marco Bertìn e ‘Made in China’

Palazzo Victoria è felice di poter ospitare la mostra dell’ artista Marco Bertìn. Il vernissage Made in China verrà presentato il 9 Ottobre, all’interno della splendida cornice dell’hotel.

L’amore per l’arte e quello per l’ospitalità si uniscono in un binomio raro ed esclusivo, all’interno del programma di mostre di Palazzo Victoria Contemporanea.

Made in China

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