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A tour around Verona in 9 steps

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Verona is a place with which all its visitors fall in love. In fact, some of Palazzo Victoria’s former guests, who came only for two or three days, always asked us about how they could make the most of their Veronese experience. We’ve thought about it and we’ve created a little 9 steps schedule for those of you who are in Verona for only a couple of days. Are you ready to fall in love with Verona?

  1.  Now that the spring arrived you can enjoy some ‘terrace’ time and have a drink in Piazza delle Erbe.
  2. You can watch the stunning, panoramic view from the top of Torre dei Lamberti.
  3. If you’re coming with your partner, you can show him/her your love once more at la Casa di Giulietta.
  4. Don’t forget about crossing the bridge over the river Adige and visiting il Museo di Castelvecchio.
  5. Let out the shopaholic inside you in Via Mazzini, Piazza Bra and Corso Porta Borsari
  6. …and if you need to recharge your batteries you can have lunch at Borsari 36
  7.  Afterwards, you can drop by L’Arena and travel back to the Roman era
  8. In the Giusti Garden the first flowers of the spring are starting to show. You can’t miss it!
  9. And, before you leave… have one last drink at Victoria Lounge e Cafè!

In Verona a good time is always guaranteed. Why not coming and feeling it for yourself?




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Activities in Verona for New Year’s Eve

If you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the warm lights, magical atmosphere, fireworks and much fun, join the celebrations that the city of Verona offers.

On the evening of the 31st of December there will be many proposals organized for those who decide to spend the New Year of 2016 in Verona. First of all, the Council of Verona has organized a big New Year’s Eve concert in Piazza Bra, a great show with different artists and celebrity guests and live concerts that can be seen on the national television. These concerts reach its peak at midnight when amazing fireworks display lights up the entire square and color of light the ancient Arena of Verona.

Verona Capodanno 2014 in piazza Bra      foto Sartori fotolandPhoto credit:

Besides this big party in Piazza Bra there are also other activities you can enjoy if you want to spend the last day of 2015 in Verona. Lovers of classical music can delight themselves with the New Year’s concert at the Theater Philharmonic music organized by the Arena di Verona Foundation.  The concert will include music by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Joseph Hayden and Antonio Salieri among others. At midnight there will be the traditional toast with the artists in the theater foyer.

From Palazzo Victoria we take this opportunity to wish you a lot of fun for tonight and an incredible 2016!

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Urban legend: Arena Di Verona

Halloween is just around the corner and keeping this in mind we want to show you Verona from a different prospective.

One of the most visited places in our city is the Verona Arena (Arena di Verona): a stunning amphitheater that is internationally famous for the opera performances given there and being the third largest roman amphitheater. It was built in 1st century, but there are some urban legends about it.



One of the legends tells the history of a very rich man in the city that was imprisoned and sentenced to death. On the eve of the execution, it is told that he received a visit from the Devil in his cell with a strange advice: since Verona had a big desire to have a huge theater, the man would have had to build one to gain freedom.

The prisoner remarked that there was no man capable of building such thing in the short time of one night, so he felt into the Devil’s trap: he would have one thousand demons working on building the theater in return of the man’s soul.

The man started regretting the agreed deal so he turned desperately to the Holy Virgin to ask her forgiveness, and spent his last night praying and regretting. Shortly before dawn, while the demons were about to finish the amphitheater, the bells of the Angelus pierced the sky. Because of the sincere repentance and faith of the man, the Virgin was touched and sent her angels to stop the demons’ work.



A huge amphitheater was standing in the city, stunning but unfinished, that established the defeat of the Devil, the realization of the desire of Verona and the liberation of the rich man.

If you want to know more urban legends like this one, we will be waiting you in Palazzo Victoria!


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Ice Has Never Been So Hot: Intimissimi On Ice

We all love the thrill and amazement of pirouettes and jumps. If it’s on a daring situation, it becomes even greater. Intimissimi On Ice promises to bring all of that to the Arena di Verona this Friday 9 and Saturday 10!




Named one of the most beautiful galas on ice of the last three years, Intimissimi On Ice has invented the concept of OperaPop, a combination of opera and the best pop music. Skaters, fashion figures, big projections and special effects are mixed to bring to life one of the most beautiful shows that the Arena is holding this season. The performance also has a very special guest this time, international artist Ellie Goulding.


Friday and Saturday will surely be exciting—we’re not missing Intimissimi On Ice! If, like us, you’re dying to see some award-winning skating and listening to top-notch music, make sure to book your tickets in advance. After a thrilling performance, come home to Palazzo Victoria and tell us your impressions!

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The Untouchable Ennio Morricone

The award-winning prodigal son is coming back home. Ennio Morricone is closing his European summer tour at the Arena di Verona next September 12, and his concert is a total must-go. The performance will cover some of his most famous compositions for cinema and television, played by a grand orchestra.

Ennio Morricone composer


If you get emotional easily, make sure to bring your tissues, because masterpieces will align one after another. The Untouchables (1987), The Mission (1986), A fistful of dollars (1964), Once upon a time in America (1984) or The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) are just some of the legendary soundtracks that will sound next Saturday at the stunning scenario provided by the Arena.

86-year-old Morricone is a living legend. He has composed more than 500 pieces for the big screen and TV, and the value of his legacy and its influence on younger composers are undeniable. Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance for this once in a lifetime opportunity and, afterwards, dream of Morricone’s paradise at Palazzo Victoria.

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Quick Cheat Sheet: Il Barbiere di Seviglia

Many consider it the best opera of all time. Certainly, it’s one of the most represented around the world. But the truth is Il Barbiere di Seviglia, or The Barber of Seville, by Giovanni Rossini, competed with other operas of the same theme when it was released and used to be less popular than, for example, Paisiello’s version. Lucky for us, Rossini’s Barber resisted the passage of time and it arrived to us exactly how we see it today.

If you’re a little bit lost about what we’re talking about, or if you’re not that fluent in opera, we’re here to help! These days, the Arena di Verona is celebrating the Opera Festival, so, if you’ve always been curious but were always too afraid to ask, here is a quick cheat sheet on Il Barbiere di Seviglia. It’s never too late to catch up!

Source: Fondazione Arena di Verona

Source: Fondazione Arena di Verona

Il Barbiere di Seviglia tells the story of Count Almaviva, a wealthy noble that is in love with beautiful maid Rosina. She is tutored by Doctor Bartolo, who intends to marry Rosina and has her locked up in his house all day. Count Almaviva desperately needs to see his lover, so he asks for the help of Figaro, the most renowned barber in Seville. Figaro will help the Count to reach Rosina by dressing up as various characters and finally, after many comings and goings, Count Almaviva and Rosina will avoid greedy Doctor Bartolo and marry each other.

A couple of fun facts to impress your friends at the opera: as we said before, Paisiello’s version of this story was far more popular back when Rossini’s Barber premiered in 1816. For instance, Paisiello’s fans organized protests to boycott opening night. But the opera was soon represented all across Europe and, in 1825, it became the first opera in Italian to be sung in New York City. And of course, if you’re intrigued by Figaro’s character, you can see what happened to him next in The Marriage of Figaro, Mozart’s famous opera!

Source: Fondazione Arena di Verona

Source: Fondazione Arena di Verona

You can see The Barber of Seville at the Arena di Verona on August 20 & 28 and on September 4. Make sure to book your tickets in advance! After enjoying the most stunning opera stage in the world, look forward to a good night sleep in the comfort of Palazzo Victoria, your favorite hotel in Verona.

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The time of your life: Dirty Dancing @ the Arena

If you are an 80s kid, you will most likely remember Baby and Johnny at Kellerman’s camp. Their love story was just as thrilling as their dance scenes, and, let’s be honest, all of us wanted to be Jennifer Grey or Patrick Swayze at some point in the movie. Dirty Dancing became one of the most iconic romantic comedies ever and gave us the time of our lives. Since it’s one of our favorites too, we are so excited for this great news: Baby and Johnny are coming to town!



Next August 10th, Dirty Dancing arrives at the Arena di Verona for one night only! The classic story is staged by The Dirty Dancing Company, one of the most talented musical theater crews, under the direction of Federico Bellone. Scenery, music, dance and performances will be framed by the spectacular Arena, which will definitely enhance the whole experience. If you want to relive Baby and Johnny’s love story, don’t miss out and buy your tickets in advance.

Here at Palazzo Victoria, your favorite hotel in Verona, we will also make sure you have the time of your life!

More information:

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Music legends at l’Arena this summer

Verona is famous for the summer Opera Festival, which this year is to run from June 19th until September 6th. But l’Arena is a versatile space and its magic makes of every show something really special.

If you’re planning to stay in Verona -or any place near- soon, you might want to know that some of the hottest international artists are visiting the town this summer… some of them true music legends, as you can see next:

Monday, June 29th, 9 pm. – Kiss (This’ll be their only show in Italy)

Monday, July 6th, 9 pm. – Mumford & Sons

Monday, July 20th, 9 pm. – Spandau Ballet

Monday, August 10th, 9 pm. – Carlos Santana

Monday, August 31st, 9 pm. – Dirty Dancing (The show on stage)

Monday, September 14th, 9 pm. – Ennio Morricone

From Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona, we invite you to get the most of a town filled with romanticism, good music and fun. Book your room now to get the best rates at

You can also contact us at +39 045 596 50 or at

You deserve a summer holiday you’ll remember forever!  

Arena Concerti

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A winter of classical music in Verona


It is usual that, after hearing the word ‘Verona‘, one thinks of Romeo and Juliet‘s setting. This is a very beautiful label, but the truth is Verona is much more than that. It is a fine place to live in and a lovely destination to visit. Also, it is a worldwide capital of classical music, something one realizes upon seeing all the events scheduled for this winter season.

Stagione Sinfonica della Fondazione Arena
Until May 19th 2015, there will be a program of four concerts at il Teatro Ristori, the four of them commemorating Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Also there will be a program of ten concerts at il Teatro Filarmonico, dedicated, in this case, to contemporary composers.
Two special concerts will be performed during the season: Il Concerto di Capodanno on December 31st and Il Concerto dei Solisti del Conservatorio on May 19th.

Amici della musica: Stagione concertistica
Until April 2015, the special program designed by Amici della musica, a cultural society created back in 1909, will include both Italian and international recognized musicians doing their renditions to the music of Schumann, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Bartók and many other music geniuses.

From Palazzo Victoria, in the true sense of the romantic, we invite all music lovers from all around the world to get bathed in the magical scene of Verona and make of it the soundtrack of their winter days.

For more information involving the events: (in Italian)




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The music from legendary Italian films will invade l’Arena di Verona

The music from award-winning movies like  or La Dolce Vita (both directed by Federico Fellini) will invade the millenary and always magic space of l’Arena the next September 28th. After its success in New York, at the Avery Fisher Hall, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will land in Verona to perform a true tribute to the music of some legendary Italian films that are part of not only Italy’s but the world’s cultural legacy.


Renown artists such as Malika AyaneRaphael Gualazzi and the Croatian duo, 2Cellos, will also be a part of this event, in which the music will have to share its protagonism with the visuals provided by l’Instituto Luce Cinecittà, which at the same time is celebrating its 90 anniversary this year.
A whole commemoration of cinema and music in one of Italy’s most romantic and magical cities.
From Palazzo Victoria, at the heart of Verona, we recommend you not to miss this unique event.


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