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A tour around Verona in 9 steps

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Verona is a place with which all its visitors fall in love. In fact, some of Palazzo Victoria’s former guests, who came only for two or three days, always asked us about how they could make the most of their Veronese experience. We’ve thought about it and we’ve created a little 9 steps schedule for those of you who are in Verona for only a couple of days. Are you ready to fall in love with Verona?

  1.  Now that the spring arrived you can enjoy some ‘terrace’ time and have a drink in Piazza delle Erbe.
  2. You can watch the stunning, panoramic view from the top of Torre dei Lamberti.
  3. If you’re coming with your partner, you can show him/her your love once more at la Casa di Giulietta.
  4. Don’t forget about crossing the bridge over the river Adige and visiting il Museo di Castelvecchio.
  5. Let out the shopaholic inside you in Via Mazzini, Piazza Bra and Corso Porta Borsari
  6. …and if you need to recharge your batteries you can have lunch at Borsari 36
  7.  Afterwards, you can drop by L’Arena and travel back to the Roman era
  8. In the Giusti Garden the first flowers of the spring are starting to show. You can’t miss it!
  9. And, before you leave… have one last drink at Victoria Lounge e Cafè!

In Verona a good time is always guaranteed. Why not coming and feeling it for yourself?




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3AL36: Quarta edizione, Lunedì 24 novembre

Ancora una volta, vi proponiamo una magnifica serata del 3AL36 evento giunto alla sua quarta edizione.Far conoscere agli ospiti del Borsari 36 la cucina d’eccellenza, è una missione che accogliamo con entusiasmo. Per questo selezioniamo attentamente, ogni volta, gli ospiti che affiancheranno il nostro Carmine Calò. Stavolta tocca a Arnaldo Laghi e Renato Bosco. Non mancate, lunedì 24 novembre, il 3al36 è qui per tentarvi ancora.
Prenotazioni ancora disponibili!
Per info:
Chiamaci: 045 8000779



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3 al 36: Carmine Calò, Fabio Tammaro, Paolo Cappuccio

La terza edizione di Borsari 36 regalerà ancora forti emozioni. Il nostro executive chef Carmine Calò, ospiterà due grandi nomi della cucina, per deliziare i partecipanti con ricette uniche: il 7 Ottobre, alle ore 20.00, sarà un appuntamento da segnare in calendario.


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Bento Box: a piece of Japan at Palazzo Victoria

They know a lot about vertiginous ways of life in Japan. However, they cleverly learnt how to adapt their daily life routines to this velocity. For example, in a way to simplify the act of having lunch, they created the Bento Box, a portion of rice, fish/meat and vegetables to take away. And due to its practicality, their creation has been adopted in several other cultures.

Now, priced as of €15, you can have your own Bento Box in Palazzo Victoria’s style, choosing between the fish or the meat menu, both including water and coffee. Prepared everyday with the freshest ingredients, you can even request your vegetarian Bento Box version if you like.

Don’t let the city life’s rhythm keep you from having a fine lunch. At Palazzo Victoria you can find what you need to face your day with energy and a big smile.

Bento Box

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