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3 ways to keep fit while visiting Verona

It is difficult to stay on your exercise routine while you’re traveling. Suddenly you are sleeping at weird hours in a different time zone, you are eating outside all the time and you might not have access to a proper gym! But there are still ways to find a moment for yourself and your body when you’re abroad. How? Let us show you 3 very simple ways of staying fit while staying with us:

1. Jogging around the city. If you like starting your day with an energizing run, you can easily jog around Verona. Locals usually frequent the percorso della salute (or “health trail”) in Parco delle Mura, a big park that lays where once were the walls that protected the town. The gardens are now the lung of the city and the area is lovely!



2. Exercise in your hotel. At Palazzo Victoria we have an awesome gym that we invite you to try. But if you’re shy, in our suites, you’ll have space for all the squats, jumping jacks and push-ups you need. Just remember not to break anything, please! Here is a quick guide to a morning mini-work out:
 25 jumping jacks
– 50 reps of marching in place with high knees
– 25 push-ups
– 20 squats
– 25 jumping jacks

3. Hit the pool! Especially during the summer, a swim is a complete work out and a refreshing way of starting your day. Piscine Santini Verona and Verona Lido are two public pools that are easily reachable by public transportation. If you go early in the morning, you’ll find them empty just for you.

Stay healthy and fit with us at Palazzo Victoria, your favorite luxury hotel in Verona!

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Verona celebrates art… and wine!

Wine has always been a source of inspiration for artists around the world. Scottish novelist, Robert Louis Stevenson, said it loud and clear: “Wine is bottled poetry”.

Now, Verona honors this special relationship between wine and art with the exhibition ‘Arte e Vino‘, open to the public at il Palazzo della Gran Guardia until August 16th.

Visitors will discover how the enjoyment of wine has been depicted throughout the history of art by means of 184 masterpieces by both Italian and foreign artists, such as Titian, Rubens and Picasso.

And, being a celebration of wine, it can’t but end with a wine tasting session for the visitors, who will also enjoy some lovely views of L’Arena.

From Palazzo Victoria, we invite you to delight both your eyes and your palate in Verona!

For more information (in Italian):



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Spring ‘aperitivo’ at Victoria Club

It’s been some days now that spring arrived, but the truth is that we haven’t done any event to welcome it. This is why this next Saturday April 12th we want to invite you to Victoria Club, at Palazzo Victoria, to have a very special ‘aperitivo’ in our company:

victoria club


What do you say? Let’s welcome spring together at Palazzo Victoria!

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The Easter Bunny is coming to Verona

From the 19th to the 21st of April, Palazzo Victoria is going to have a very special guest, the Easter Bunny. It’s coming to Verona to bring the eggs for our annual egg hunting which is to start soon. Therefore, we want to invite all the families out there to bring their children for an unforgettable experience of Easter in Verona.

Egg decorating for kids, our fabolous Easter brunch and bicycle hiring are some of the activities that we are including in the Easter Package, to make Palazzo Victoria the perfect location for some family fun.

The Package offers:
Easter egg hunting on Sunday morning with special gift for the winner
- Easter egg decorating for children
Brunch at our restaurant, Borsari 36
Happy-hour at our lounge bar
On request: Paschal basket; bicycles, picnic baskets, and a map of the city with our favorite places to have lunch available for guests on Easter Monday

Rates from € 340.00 per room per night

What do you say to chasing the Easter Bunny to Verona?




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Such a special feeling: springtime in Verona.

We do not know whether it is the colors, the air or the light, but springtime brings something inexplicably special with it. We normally tend to smile more, to laugh more and to fall in love more often than during the winter. And when this season arrives to a place like Verona, known for being the scene of the most powerful love story of history, we get the feeling that there is no more room for drama; that Romeo and Juliet deserve another ending… something full of life without any hint of violence or pain.

This may sound ridiculous, but we do feel this good and excited during spring. As a matter of fact, this year we feel so good that we want to share a bit of our happiness with you. Therefore, Palazzo Victoria, your boutique hotel in Verona, proposes this to you: if you book your room before the 31th March, for stays until the end of May, you will have a special discount: our room rates start from €175.

There is only one thing keeping you from having a walk while contemplating the flowers near the river Adige: the choice you make. From Palazzo Victoria, we encourage you to stay some days with us and even try other Romeo and Juliet endings with yourself and your partner!

For more information: A very special holiday in Verona 




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A little about Christmas in Verona

Every place has its own traditions when it comes to celebrating Christmas time. If we had to summarize the things that characterize Christmas in Verona, we would list three: nativities, street markets and Saint Lucy.

Every 13th of December Saint Lucy’s Day is commemorated. For the Christians, Lucy is the patron saint of the blind and the eye-trouble. There is a legend linked to her which tells that every year during the night of the 12th to the 13th Lucy would go house by house letting some sweets to the good kids and coal to the bad ones, and that the children should keep their eyes shut in bed, so they can keep a healthy vision.

In order to honor this tradition, from the 10th to the 13th of December the Saint Lucy’s Street Market is held in Santa Bra, being one of the largest ones of the town during the festive season.

Piazza dei Signiri also hosts from the 22nd of November to the 22nd of December the Nuremberg Christmas Markets, where you can find a wide variety of handcrafted products with a German touch. In addition, following another tradition of the town, all the lovers can kiss under the mistletoe of Dante’s statue. However, if you want to see some crèches, you should visit L’Arena, where you can see the most amazing nativities in the most magical atmosphere until the 26th of January.

These are only some of the things you can do in Verona during these holidays. If you came, you would discover there are many more ways to do enjoy yourselves these days! But whatever you do, remember that Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona, is always thrilled to have you.


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The Great Gatsby’s glamorous touch invades the Palazzo Victoria

“So we beat on, boats against the currents, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” (F.S. Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby)

Evoking is an emotional activity that gives the past new, brighter looks. There is sort of a wild and exciting feeling invading us whenever, for instance, we think about the Hollywood Golden Age or the Golden Twenties. This fills us with a curious nostalgia and the crazy thought of ‘If I had been there…’

You surely know what we are talking about, because we have all fantasized with it at least once in our lives. But now, at Palazzo Victoria, we are going to make it come true.

By means of the Festive Season Package, we invite you to feel like a guest in one of The Great Gatsby’s parties. Get surrounded by many amusing, interesting people, drink the best cocktails, dance to the hottest rhythms and simply have fun.

The package includes:

Two nights in a deluxe double room or any category of your choice

Upgrade upon availability

Daily buffet breakfast at our restaurant Borsari36

Welcome Christmas drink upon arrival

Christmas gift in-room

A farewell gift

Late check out on departure day (on request, upon availability)

Christmas lunch €50,00 per person (including beverage)

‘Great Gatsby’ New Year’s Eve gala dinner €200,00 per person, including beverage

The package is priced from € 350 per room and per night for two people in a deluxe double room, from the 23rd of November until the 8th of January.

You are about to travel in time and find a great party, in the Gatsby’s sense of the word, at Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona. Join us and feel his glamorous touch!

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Taste of Veneto: discover the sensorial variety of our region.

Imagine millions of rice grains; the golden, thick olive oil pouring. Think of vast, green wineyards spreading out to the sun. Remember the smell of the sea; the dampness in the skin coming from the lake. Now, try to connect these pictures and create a collage. This will give you a glimpse of what the Veneto is.

And to celebrate the sensorial variety of our region, the Palazzo Victoria’s team has designed a package for you, so you can have a taste of it.

‘Taste of Veneto’ includes a two nights stay in a deluxe room with VIP treatment, a daily buffet breakfast for two and a two days culinary tour:

During the first day you can choose between a half-day tour to the ancient rice fields or to an oil farm. The second day will consist of a guided tour to one of the typical wine cellars of Verona, some wine tasting and a light lunch.

In addition, you can request a guided tour to the rice fields or the wine cellars with private chauffeur through the routes of the wine, rice and oil estates (service not included in the package’s cost).

The package is priced from € 920,00 two nights, for two people. This special offer will be available until 30st November.

You are still on time to come and savor it for yourself.

For more information:


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A little about gastronomy in the Veneto

Too much joy and too much beauty can be exhausting! As a matter of fact, the experts recommend a good diet and a fine rest to everyone who takes a trip. Coming to Verona implies no exception to this rule. Here, the relaxation is granted by Palazzo Victoria, of course. But, what happens with the eating? What kind of dishes will you find in our city and our region? Today we are about to tell you a little about the food that is part of our legacy. The one we definitely love the most.


A bit of history

The Veneto is one of the richest regions in Italy when it comes to gastronomy. The commercial tradition – firmly held by Venice – opened brand new horizons to the chefs, who discovered the secrets of eastern flavors; a discovery we can see now through the spices. Rice is one of the main basis of our region’s cuisine; in fact risottos use to be a popular choice. But, beyond rice, there is a big mix of ingredients in here, as you can see in these three plates:

–          Bigoli: if you like pasta, this one is your choice. You can taste them with traditional sauces or accompanied with sardines.

–          Baccalà alla Vicentina: typical from Vicenza, as the name indicates. It is slow cooked with onion, milk and oil and then served accompanied with polenta.

–          Tiramisu: this delicious dessert made of mascarpone cheese, coffee, eggs, sugar and cocoa powder was born in the Veneto. Did you know that?

This is only a short demonstration of our great gastronomical skills. In case you want to learn (and taste) more about it, you should visit us. In Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona, we are always willing to have you.

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Palazzo Victoria opens a new digital window

Italy is a well-known country, most of all for the cultural heritage and legacy of it. Millions of people have already been to many locations here in order to do their own rendition of ‘la dolce vita’. But there is a special place you may know where everything is possible, even the tenderest love stories, such as Romeo & Juliet. This could be no other than Verona.

Located within the Veneto, north-east of Italy, the UNESCO’s World Heritage declared city opens itself everyday for everyone who wants to give it a chance, for there is a lot it has to offer. Like going to the House of Juliet (and leaving your love messages in it), having a drink in La Piazza delle Erbe or visiting the Museo di Castelvecchio and la Torre dei Lamberti. You can even find the gorgeous Lake Garda not too far away from town!

We are aware that, in order to do it all, you need to stay in a good place that covers all your needs of comfort. This is the main reason why the Palazzo Victoria hotel exists. As a part of the Salviatino Collection, Palazzo Victoria provides its guests a luxurious and relaxing experience in the very city center. And being in between of all the buildings’ artworks and archaeological pieces you will feel like you are sleeping in a museum.

This is us and this is why we are starting this blog: from now on, we will open a digital window through which you will see what is happening in Verona; the cultural scene and the events that could interest you as a tourist. Also, you will discover all our offers and promotions, so you can consider coming to stay with us and when to. The light is already passing through our new space. Are you ready to see it all? Welcome!

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