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A tour around Verona in 9 steps

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Verona is a place with which all its visitors fall in love. In fact, some of Palazzo Victoria’s former guests, who came only for two or three days, always asked us about how they could make the most of their Veronese experience. We’ve thought about it and we’ve created a little 9 steps schedule for those of you who are in Verona for only a couple of days. Are you ready to fall in love with Verona?

  1.  Now that the spring arrived you can enjoy some ‘terrace’ time and have a drink in Piazza delle Erbe.
  2. You can watch the stunning, panoramic view from the top of Torre dei Lamberti.
  3. If you’re coming with your partner, you can show him/her your love once more at la Casa di Giulietta.
  4. Don’t forget about crossing the bridge over the river Adige and visiting il Museo di Castelvecchio.
  5. Let out the shopaholic inside you in Via Mazzini, Piazza Bra and Corso Porta Borsari
  6. …and if you need to recharge your batteries you can have lunch at Borsari 36
  7.  Afterwards, you can drop by L’Arena and travel back to the Roman era
  8. In the Giusti Garden the first flowers of the spring are starting to show. You can’t miss it!
  9. And, before you leave… have one last drink at Victoria Lounge e Cafè!

In Verona a good time is always guaranteed. Why not coming and feeling it for yourself?




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‘Mind Map of Love’ at La Casa di Giulietta.

This month of February love have floated in the Veronese air. Valentine’s day brought the ‘Verona in love’ events to town as everything has been filled with passion-red hearts. Those days already passed, but there is something that has remained until today. The photographic exhibition, ‘Mind Map of Love’ will be at Casa di Giulietta until the next 11th May from 8:30 am. to 7:20 pm., from Tuesdays to Sundays, and from 1:30 pm. to 7:30 pm. on Mondays.

Two artists make up the exhibition, Christian Zott and Mauro Fiorese. The first one was inspired by the true story of Christopher McCandless, the legendary traveler who also inspired the film ‘Into the wild’ himself; Zott traveled from the most distant point of the European western coastline to the most distant point on the eastern side, the city of Istanbul. He and Fiorese explore the importance of love in our lives and invite us to a trip to our inner feelings, evoking different conceptions of love and also exposing the topic of copies in art.

The standard entrance ticket is priced of €6 and there are some reduced tickets for special cases. They say love is not something specific of only one day, so if you want to celebrate it your way, now you know where the ‘Map’ can take you.

For more information (in Italian):

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