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What can you do in Verona this Christmas?

Are you staying in Verona these days? There are many things you can do in town during Christmas. Let’s take a look at some of these options:

– To have a nice cup of hot chocolate with a slice of Pandoro, the typical Veronese Christmas dessert

– To visit every museum and monument you want. The lesser people in town, the less longer lines!

– To watch the exhibition of nativities at L’Arena, open until January 25th

– To do some shopping at the Christmas Street Market at la Piazza dei Signori, until December 28th

– And, of course, to go through a whole experience of comfort and relaxation at Palazzo Victoria 

Do you like these plans? Then we’ll be waiting for you!



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Palazzo Victoria goes back to the 70’s

What happened during the 70’s?

We danced to the rhythm of Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, ABBA and The Bee Gees. We dreamed, cried, laughed and screamed over the work of Gene Hackman, Faye Dunaway, Marlon Brando, Linda Blair and Sylvester Stallone

When we look at old pictures, we smile at our peculiar hairstyles, and laughter comes when we remember those moves of us on the dancefloor. Those were the wonderful 70’s

What happens now?

Palazzo Victoria wants to recreate the feeling and the aesthetics of those great years, in order to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in a very special fashion. If you want to dust off your old wardrobe and feel the spirit of the 70’s again, you can now do it with us. These are our proposals for you:

Christmas Shopping Package:

Christmas Package:

New Year’s Package:

Get a permanent, some cool glasses and join us!


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The Salviatino Collection’s team wishes you a merry Christmas

The Salviatino Collection’s team wishes you a merry Christmas



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Going back to Verona for New Year’s eve… in the name of my grandparents!

Between 1958 and 1959 my grandfather, an American professor, spent some time travelling across Italy, teaching English to earn a living and discovering a land he always dreamt about in his childhood. It was during the New Year’s eve of 1958 when, celebrating the night in Verona, he met my grandmother. It was love at first sight, he said. Ever since then, their friends started to call them ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Also a new tradition began. They would spend every New Year’s eve in Verona to honor the night they met and fell in love.

Sadly, my grandma passed away two years ago and my grandpa followed her this year. But, in order to overcome the grief, we have had this nice idea. All my family, including me, will go to Verona this New Year’s eve to pay tribute to the memory of these two amazing and highly loved people. We even found a beautiful hotel in the very city center: Palazzo Victoria. This year they are celebrating the Festive Season with a Gatsby-inspired package, so we will dance and have some cocktails in their names.


Grandma and grandpa, wherever Heaven is, I know you are in there now, but I do hope to feel part of your presence in this magical city where you met each other. A place for the lovers and now a place for us all too. Thanks to Palazzo Victoria for having us during these thrilling days!

Mr. H.P.

 *All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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‘Pandoro': the typical Veronese way to taste Christmas

Pandoro is a typical Veronese Christmas dessert, one of the most popular in Italy together with Panettone and well-known in many other countries. It is characterized for its sweet and smooth taste and for the star-like shape of it. You can find it in every food store today, but it hasn’t always been available for everybody. For example, during the Medieval period sweet bread was a privilege for the nobles and it continued to be this exclusive during the 18th century, when only the Venetian aristocracy could afford it.

Fortunately time changes everything. Pandoro’s recipe arrived to Verona where it evolved; a process that took a whole century. Later, in 1894, Domenico Melegatti obtained the patent for the industrial producing of Pandoro, so it was then when the contemporary history of this dessert started.

Travelling is nice, specially during holiday periods such as Christmas. But it gets even nicer when one has the opportunity to try local gastronomic specialties. Hence, if you chose to come to Verona these days, we highly recommend you to taste Pandoro as a part of the Veronese essence. In fact, the old Melegatti building is in Corso di Porta Borsari, next to Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona. It is not a coincidence, but an invitation to celebrate Christmas in the most delicious way. Are you going to do it?


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A little about Christmas in Verona

Every place has its own traditions when it comes to celebrating Christmas time. If we had to summarize the things that characterize Christmas in Verona, we would list three: nativities, street markets and Saint Lucy.

Every 13th of December Saint Lucy’s Day is commemorated. For the Christians, Lucy is the patron saint of the blind and the eye-trouble. There is a legend linked to her which tells that every year during the night of the 12th to the 13th Lucy would go house by house letting some sweets to the good kids and coal to the bad ones, and that the children should keep their eyes shut in bed, so they can keep a healthy vision.

In order to honor this tradition, from the 10th to the 13th of December the Saint Lucy’s Street Market is held in Santa Bra, being one of the largest ones of the town during the festive season.

Piazza dei Signiri also hosts from the 22nd of November to the 22nd of December the Nuremberg Christmas Markets, where you can find a wide variety of handcrafted products with a German touch. In addition, following another tradition of the town, all the lovers can kiss under the mistletoe of Dante’s statue. However, if you want to see some crèches, you should visit L’Arena, where you can see the most amazing nativities in the most magical atmosphere until the 26th of January.

These are only some of the things you can do in Verona during these holidays. If you came, you would discover there are many more ways to do enjoy yourselves these days! But whatever you do, remember that Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona, is always thrilled to have you.


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The Great Gatsby’s glamorous touch invades the Palazzo Victoria

“So we beat on, boats against the currents, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” (F.S. Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby)

Evoking is an emotional activity that gives the past new, brighter looks. There is sort of a wild and exciting feeling invading us whenever, for instance, we think about the Hollywood Golden Age or the Golden Twenties. This fills us with a curious nostalgia and the crazy thought of ‘If I had been there…’

You surely know what we are talking about, because we have all fantasized with it at least once in our lives. But now, at Palazzo Victoria, we are going to make it come true.

By means of the Festive Season Package, we invite you to feel like a guest in one of The Great Gatsby’s parties. Get surrounded by many amusing, interesting people, drink the best cocktails, dance to the hottest rhythms and simply have fun.

The package includes:

Two nights in a deluxe double room or any category of your choice

Upgrade upon availability

Daily buffet breakfast at our restaurant Borsari36

Welcome Christmas drink upon arrival

Christmas gift in-room

A farewell gift

Late check out on departure day (on request, upon availability)

Christmas lunch €50,00 per person (including beverage)

‘Great Gatsby’ New Year’s Eve gala dinner €200,00 per person, including beverage

The package is priced from € 350 per room and per night for two people in a deluxe double room, from the 23rd of November until the 8th of January.

You are about to travel in time and find a great party, in the Gatsby’s sense of the word, at Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona. Join us and feel his glamorous touch!

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