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Palazzo Victoria: a true exhibition hall

From the last July 11th, the Desperate Housewives collection by photographer, Malena Mazza, has been a very special guest at Palazzo Victoria. As a matter of fact, Palazzo Victoria will not only be the best hotel in Verona’s heart, but from now on it also will be a true exhibition hall, hosting the artworks of contemporary artists.

If you didn’t feel like you were sleeping in a museum in the past, now, when you stay at Palazzo Victoria, you will certainly feel it.

Until the next ‘mostra’ arrives, we leave you with a little visual summary of Desperate Housewives:

And to see all the pictures from the exhibition:  

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Desperate Housewives by Malena Mazza at Palazzo Victoria

Next Friday July 11th at 7 pm. the photographic exhibition, Desperate Housewives, by the recognized Italian artist, Malena Mazza, will be opened for the public again in Palazzo Victoria, after its last year’s success in Milano.

Mazza, who has worked in the film industry and who has developed a career as a fashion photographer in places like New York and Paris, explores today’s role of women in our society: the isolation they suffer, the search for perfection and the clichés.

From PalazzoVictoria, we invite you to come to Verona’s heart to join us and be a part of this beautiful event. Let’s celebrate art together!

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