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Welcome to the Euro Carnevale 2016

Once a year the city of Verona celebrates its most famous carnival: the Euro Carnevale, considered one of the most beautiful carnivals in Italy.  This year it will be celebrated on the 5th of February.

This celebration preserves an ancient tradition of more than 470 years. The event aims to commemorate the end of an epidemic that killed, in 1660, many of Verona’s residents of hunger and illness. When the epidemic was extinguished Verona’s residents indicate the end of the stuffer’s period by distributing Gnocchi -a local folk food made of mushed potatoes and flour, boiled in water and served with different sauces- to the people.

Thousands of people enjoy this traditional celebration and its atmosphere. Among the events that should be remarked is the cruising contest on the Adige River and the mask parade that starts in Piazza Bra.

Photo credit: Paco Piniella

Photo credit: Paco Piniella

Due to the amount of people attending the event, Palazzo Victoria recommends you to book a room in advanced for you to fully enjoy the Euro Carnevale 2016.

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