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Palafitte, a journey into the past to feed the future

The Archeological Superintendence of Veneto, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Association and South Tyrol, offers until the 2nd of April a temporary exhibition dedicated to the Bronze Age (II Millenium BC) ‘Palafitte, a journey into the past to feed the future’.

This exhibition will be focused on showing a unique vision of how life was in the early agricultural villages. In fact, the different landscapes that are shown in the exhibition have been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its exceptional nature.


Palafitte aims to tell, through material evidence of the four Venetians pile-dwelling sites, the salient aspects of food, from agro-pastoral knowledge to the production of the ingredients and the way the food was prepared for its conservations giving special attention to secondary products.

The topic of the exhibition will propose a path which will illustrate, thanks to scientific data from the latest research, the main points of the Bronze Age. Palafitte aims to spread knowledge of this particular period in our history to both young and old people.

From Palazzo Victoria we aim you to visit this original exhibition and if you are looking for a nice place to stay book a room in our hotel!

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