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3 essential Veronese wines to try when you’re in town

You might come to Verona for several reasons. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world, home to Romeo and Juliet’s love story. It is also unique in its ancient beauty and some even say it’s magical. You might also want to come for our football teams—although, granted, we are not precisely famous for that (go Chievo!) But what we can all agree on is that Verona, and the Veneto region, is a privileged producer of some of the finest wines in the country. So today we bring you 3 essential Veronese wines you should try before you leave.

1. Valpolicella. East of Lake Garda, the Valpolicella region has been producing wine since the Roman age. And no doubt why: this red wine is delicious! Experts say it’s fruity with notes of cherry and it is easy to pair with food. You will find it in most restaurants and wine bars of the region.



2. Amarone. If wines had a prom king, Amarone would get the crown every year. It has become one of the most appreciated Italian wines for its rare making technique. Wineries use the same grapes as for the Valpolicella wines, but Amarone grapes are left to dry, ferment and age for at least two years before bottling the wine. Word from the experts is that it’s structured, powerful, elegant and smooth, with high alcohol content. A must-drink!



3. Soave. In the prom metaphor, Soave would always be Amarone’s queen. It is one of the most consumed white wines in Italy and the most exported internationally. Soave has been produced in the region of the same name, at the East of Verona, from the middle ages. Experts say it is light, dry and savory and it is very common to drink it as an aperitif.



If you are interested in finding out more about our winery tradition, check our package Taste of Veneto to go on an exciting wine tour! Remember to always drink responsibly and come home safe to Palazzo Victoria, your favorite hotel in Verona. Salute!

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The Roman theater of Verona reopens to the public

After some time closed due to restoration, the Roman theater of Verona reopens to the public.

Near the river Adige, the theater was built in the 1st century BC, during the first decades of the Roman Empire.

If you’re dropping by Verona anytime soon, don’t miss the chance to visit it.

And if you’re into museums, Palazzo Victoria is the perfect place for you to stay.




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Verona celebrates art… and wine!

Wine has always been a source of inspiration for artists around the world. Scottish novelist, Robert Louis Stevenson, said it loud and clear: “Wine is bottled poetry”.

Now, Verona honors this special relationship between wine and art with the exhibition ‘Arte e Vino‘, open to the public at il Palazzo della Gran Guardia until August 16th.

Visitors will discover how the enjoyment of wine has been depicted throughout the history of art by means of 184 masterpieces by both Italian and foreign artists, such as Titian, Rubens and Picasso.

And, being a celebration of wine, it can’t but end with a wine tasting session for the visitors, who will also enjoy some lovely views of L’Arena.

From Palazzo Victoria, we invite you to delight both your eyes and your palate in Verona!

For more information (in Italian):



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A Pink Panther at Victoria Club: A turning point in my life

There I was, sitting alone by the Victoria Club’s bar, feeling exhausted and lonely. The meeting had been a total disappointment for me, having in mind all the time and effort I had put in it to make it work. During the negotiations I had realized that a career isn’t everything after all, so I decided to take that Stay over for the weekend offer the hotel had, and stay another day in order to clear my mind.

I’m quite simple when it comes to alcohol, so my original idea was to dip my problems into a cold beer. However, the barman, who happened to be a likeable Italian guy, sold me on a cocktail instead. So it was that a couple of minutes later I found myself facing an inviting (a very, very inviting) Pink Panther. I thought: “OK, let’s get down to business”, and, suddenly, something happened…

I don’t know if it was the refreshing taste on my tongue or the music in my ears… or both. All I know is that, when I closed my eyes, everything seemed clear. A sort of inner voice told me that I had been wrong for all my life, but that it wasn’t too late to start again. Then, after I finished the drink, I went out of the Palazzo Victoria and just walked around Verona.

When my eyes fell upon L’Arena, once more I had the certainty that everything was going to be alright from that moment on. A week later, I decided to quit my job and to follow my dreams, and now I want to thank Palazzo Victoria for having been the set of a true turning point in my life. I’m sure I’ll be back one day, and by that time I’ll hopefully have succeeded in fulfilling these dreams of mine. Wish me luck!

*Not every cocktail in the Victoria Club results in a change of job, finding the man/woman of your dreams or discovering the secret of nuclear fusion but you never know until you try…


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Your summer in Verona: make it real!

Imagine these three situations…

  • The sun has already set, the air is cooler and you’re about to have a drink by the river Adige
  • After a morning walk around town, you want to recharge your batteries in a nice terrace at Piazza delle Erbe
  • You’re getting dressed up to enjoy an spectacle at one of the most incredible stages ever: l’Arena

…they might sound dreamy, but they can be a reality for you.

Learn about our special summer rates and, in case you need more information, do not doubt finding us at 0039. or at

In Palazzo Victoria, at the heart of Verona, you can visit an archaeology museum, dine in a nice restaurant and have a cocktail in a club all-together without even leaving the place.

Make this the summer of your life! Make this your summer in Verona!

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