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A Pink Panther at Victoria Club: A turning point in my life

There I was, sitting alone by the Victoria Club’s bar, feeling exhausted and lonely. The meeting had been a total disappointment for me, having in mind all the time and effort I had put in it to make it work. During the negotiations I had realized that a career isn’t everything after all, so I decided to take that Stay over for the weekend offer the hotel had, and stay another day in order to clear my mind.

I’m quite simple when it comes to alcohol, so my original idea was to dip my problems into a cold beer. However, the barman, who happened to be a likeable Italian guy, sold me on a cocktail instead. So it was that a couple of minutes later I found myself facing an inviting (a very, very inviting) Pink Panther. I thought: “OK, let’s get down to business”, and, suddenly, something happened…

I don’t know if it was the refreshing taste on my tongue or the music in my ears… or both. All I know is that, when I closed my eyes, everything seemed clear. A sort of inner voice told me that I had been wrong for all my life, but that it wasn’t too late to start again. Then, after I finished the drink, I went out of the Palazzo Victoria and just walked around Verona.

When my eyes fell upon L’Arena, once more I had the certainty that everything was going to be alright from that moment on. A week later, I decided to quit my job and to follow my dreams, and now I want to thank Palazzo Victoria for having been the set of a true turning point in my life. I’m sure I’ll be back one day, and by that time I’ll hopefully have succeeded in fulfilling these dreams of mine. Wish me luck!

*Not every cocktail in the Victoria Club results in a change of job, finding the man/woman of your dreams or discovering the secret of nuclear fusion but you never know until you try…


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The Easter Bunny is coming to Verona

From the 19th to the 21st of April, Palazzo Victoria is going to have a very special guest, the Easter Bunny. It’s coming to Verona to bring the eggs for our annual egg hunting which is to start soon. Therefore, we want to invite all the families out there to bring their children for an unforgettable experience of Easter in Verona.

Egg decorating for kids, our fabolous Easter brunch and bicycle hiring are some of the activities that we are including in the Easter Package, to make Palazzo Victoria the perfect location for some family fun.

The Package offers:
Easter egg hunting on Sunday morning with special gift for the winner
- Easter egg decorating for children
Brunch at our restaurant, Borsari 36
Happy-hour at our lounge bar
On request: Paschal basket; bicycles, picnic baskets, and a map of the city with our favorite places to have lunch available for guests on Easter Monday

Rates from € 340.00 per room per night

What do you say to chasing the Easter Bunny to Verona?




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Such a special feeling: springtime in Verona.

We do not know whether it is the colors, the air or the light, but springtime brings something inexplicably special with it. We normally tend to smile more, to laugh more and to fall in love more often than during the winter. And when this season arrives to a place like Verona, known for being the scene of the most powerful love story of history, we get the feeling that there is no more room for drama; that Romeo and Juliet deserve another ending… something full of life without any hint of violence or pain.

This may sound ridiculous, but we do feel this good and excited during spring. As a matter of fact, this year we feel so good that we want to share a bit of our happiness with you. Therefore, Palazzo Victoria, your boutique hotel in Verona, proposes this to you: if you book your room before the 31th March, for stays until the end of May, you will have a special discount: our room rates start from €175.

There is only one thing keeping you from having a walk while contemplating the flowers near the river Adige: the choice you make. From Palazzo Victoria, we encourage you to stay some days with us and even try other Romeo and Juliet endings with yourself and your partner!

For more information: A very special holiday in Verona 




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