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Quick Cheat Sheet: Il Barbiere di Seviglia

Many consider it the best opera of all time. Certainly, it’s one of the most represented around the world. But the truth is Il Barbiere di Seviglia, or The Barber of Seville, by Giovanni Rossini, competed with other operas of the same theme when it was released and used to be less popular than, for example, Paisiello’s version. Lucky for us, Rossini’s Barber resisted the passage of time and it arrived to us exactly how we see it today.

If you’re a little bit lost about what we’re talking about, or if you’re not that fluent in opera, we’re here to help! These days, the Arena di Verona is celebrating the Opera Festival, so, if you’ve always been curious but were always too afraid to ask, here is a quick cheat sheet on Il Barbiere di Seviglia. It’s never too late to catch up!

Source: Fondazione Arena di Verona

Source: Fondazione Arena di Verona

Il Barbiere di Seviglia tells the story of Count Almaviva, a wealthy noble that is in love with beautiful maid Rosina. She is tutored by Doctor Bartolo, who intends to marry Rosina and has her locked up in his house all day. Count Almaviva desperately needs to see his lover, so he asks for the help of Figaro, the most renowned barber in Seville. Figaro will help the Count to reach Rosina by dressing up as various characters and finally, after many comings and goings, Count Almaviva and Rosina will avoid greedy Doctor Bartolo and marry each other.

A couple of fun facts to impress your friends at the opera: as we said before, Paisiello’s version of this story was far more popular back when Rossini’s Barber premiered in 1816. For instance, Paisiello’s fans organized protests to boycott opening night. But the opera was soon represented all across Europe and, in 1825, it became the first opera in Italian to be sung in New York City. And of course, if you’re intrigued by Figaro’s character, you can see what happened to him next in The Marriage of Figaro, Mozart’s famous opera!

Source: Fondazione Arena di Verona

Source: Fondazione Arena di Verona

You can see The Barber of Seville at the Arena di Verona on August 20 & 28 and on September 4. Make sure to book your tickets in advance! After enjoying the most stunning opera stage in the world, look forward to a good night sleep in the comfort of Palazzo Victoria, your favorite hotel in Verona.

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Ladies & Gentlemen: L’Arena di Verona.

Verona has a lot to offer. All the treasures hidden inside of it guarantee the enjoyment of its inhabitants and its visitors. But there is a building in town that is almost magical. Perhaps it is because of its soniority; maybe due to the musical echoes that can still be heard within. Anyhow, everyone who knows Verona could tell that L’Arena has something special.

In the year 30 of our era (almost 2000 years ago!) the Arena was built out of the city’s back then walls. The games (ludii) that use to take place there caught the attention of many locals and foreigners who went there to spend their spare time. But it was not until the Renaissance that some changes began to happen and the building was thought to be used in a more theatrical way.

The way it was designed and built provided the place some great acoustics and so, back in 1913, a series of concerts began to be played in there, starting, for example, with the well-known Verdi’s work, Aida. Nowadays, artists from all over the world go to L’Arena to revive it spectacular spirit and share it with the audience. And we cannot forget The Festival of Verona which lands there every each year.

This very year The Festival has celebrated the first century of the renewed Arena and the tickets for the next year’s Opera season are already for sale. So, after this introduction, what do you think? Are you a little more willing to come? In case you are, you know you can always count on Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona, to stay in and have a wonderful experience.

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