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Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon, the ‘half’ in the City of Love

Saint Valentine’s is also a synonym of sport event… at least in Verona. The 14th of February the city will celebrate the 9th edition of the Giulietta & Romeo half marathon, the most romantic sport event in Italy. Last year the marathon turned out to be a great success with nearly 10 thousand runners at the start. And this year will be even better!

The event will start on Sunday the 14th and all runners must complete the 21,097 km of adrenaline and effort just to arrive to the finish line located in Piazza Bra, a unique arrival for charm and glamour with your only love.

Giulietta&Roemo half marathon. Photo credit: Maurizio Zanetti

Giulietta&Roemo half marathon. Photo credit: Maurizio Zanetti

This fun and romantic sport event will make you fall in love with Verona and with the sensations and benefits that running will provides you. While you’re running, take this opportunity to admire the beautiful buildings and landscapes that Verona offers. Don’t miss this unique and fun event!

It will be the Valentine’s Day, the day of love with your partner and with running, and to spend a weekend in Verona at Palazzo Victoria will be unique.

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