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Fun Facts about Juliet’s house

The most romantic city in Italy and definitely one of the most beautiful is Verona. This city is a top destination for many travelers visiting the country. Thanks to William Shakespeare, by setting “Romeo and Juliet” in the city, Verona became forever the city of lovers. And, for this reason, no visit to Verona is complete without a stop by the famous Juliet’s balcony… but before you visit this romantic spot, let us give you a couple of hints:

1. The city of Verona bought this house from the Cappello family in 1905. Thanks to the similarity of their surname to Juliet’s in the play, the city declared that it was, in fact, Juliet’s house so it became a famous attraction. But the truth is that she never lived there…Nonetheless…

2. The house does date from the 14th century and it’s a beautiful example of Gothic architecture.



3. You can see the balcony where in the play Juliet stood as Romeo serenaded her. That balcony isn’t an original feature of the house; it was attached to the wall to make it appear like the Juliet’s house in the play.


4. There is a statue of Juliet in the courtyard of the house and it is said that if you touch its right breast, it will bring you luck in finding your own true love.

5. It is also said that if you leave a declaration of your love at Juliet’s house, you will be together forever. Therefore, love notes cover the courtyard walls.



6. Juliet’s secretaries are a team of volunteers that answer the letters that lovers from all over the world write to Juliet asking for advices.

7. The rooms in the house are decorated with pieces from the time of Romeo and Juliet, so that visitors can have the feeling of how life was in that period.



Every year Juliet’s House welcomes thousands of visitors looking for a romantic getaway. So, to keep the feel of romance and elegance that this beautiful city emanates, make sure to stay at Palazzo Victoria to build unforgettable memories of your stay… in the city of lovers.

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3 fun facts about ‘Romeo and Juliet’ you probably didn’t know

We all know the story: young man and young lady fall in love in the magical city of Verona, rival families, impossible relationship, tragic ending. However, Romeo and Juliet is still one of the most studied and performed plays to this day. And although very little remains unexplored about the story, the characters or Shakespeare himself, there are still some mysteries to unveil.

Here are 3 fun facts about Romeo and Juliet that you probably didn’t know:

1. Shakespeare never visited Verona. Even though Romeo and Juliet meet, fall in love and die in the city, the English playwright never put a foot on the Veneto region. We have to thank him for becoming the universal city of love.

2. Juliet’s house in Verona is filled with love notes from tourists. The number of love notes that visitors leave on every corner of the house is so big, that the authorities need to clean it up. They usually do it twice a year: on Valentine’s Day and on September 17, Juliet’s birthday. There is also a message wall, where visitors can scribble their love wishes—just like the one we have at Palazzo Victoria!

Sources: (Left) Salvatore Falcone - (Right) Umberto Rambone -

Sources: (Left, Juliet’s house) Salvatore Falcone (Right, Palazzo Victoria) Umberto Rambone

 3. The famous balcony doesn’t appear in Shakespeare’s play. In the 16th Century, the theatrical scenery was so poor that the location was described by actors, and a balcony would’ve been very difficult to represent. Nevertheless, subsequent stagings of the play did include the balcony and made it so famous, that it had to be added to Juliet’s house in Verona at the beginning of the 20th Century.

After you fall in love with Romeo and Juliet, come and fall for Palazzo Victoria, your favorite hotel in Verona. Your romantic holiday is made!

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Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!

399 years ago a genius was born; he was named William Shakespeare. For some people it is unclear whether he actually existed or not, but what everybody agrees with is that the plays signed by Shakespeare marked a turning point in universal literature.

Verona is a privileged town because the English playwright used it as the set for three of his plays, including the worldwide famous Romeo and Juliet.

To celebrate Shakespeare’s anniversary, several activities will take place in Verona between tomorrow, April 24th, and Sunday, April 26th, including performances in the city center, conferences and events for children.

From Palazzo Victoria we invite you to strut your hour upon the stage and to live the magic in the city of love.

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