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The spring is about to arrive!

Giardino Giusti. Source:

Giardino Giusti. Source:


Sunny skies. Warm weather. Peaceful atmosphere. Nice feelings… and not that many people around: This is how Verona looks like in the spring, the season of rebirth.

The spring is one of the best periods of the year to discover not only Verona, but also other nice places in Veneto; Palazzo Victoria invites you to do it with the Spring Offer, in a way that you can enjoy our special rates for your stay during the freshest season.

To get more information about the offer please visit:

We hope to see you (and to have you) soon! 


Arena di Verona. Source:

Arena di Verona. Source:

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Spring ‘aperitivo’ at Victoria Club

It’s been some days now that spring arrived, but the truth is that we haven’t done any event to welcome it. This is why this next Saturday April 12th we want to invite you to Victoria Club, at Palazzo Victoria, to have a very special ‘aperitivo’ in our company:

victoria club


What do you say? Let’s welcome spring together at Palazzo Victoria!

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