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3 essential Veronese wines to try when you’re in town

You might come to Verona for several reasons. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world, home to Romeo and Juliet’s love story. It is also unique in its ancient beauty and some even say it’s magical. You might also want to come for our football teams—although, granted, we are not precisely famous for that (go Chievo!) But what we can all agree on is that Verona, and the Veneto region, is a privileged producer of some of the finest wines in the country. So today we bring you 3 essential Veronese wines you should try before you leave.

1. Valpolicella. East of Lake Garda, the Valpolicella region has been producing wine since the Roman age. And no doubt why: this red wine is delicious! Experts say it’s fruity with notes of cherry and it is easy to pair with food. You will find it in most restaurants and wine bars of the region.



2. Amarone. If wines had a prom king, Amarone would get the crown every year. It has become one of the most appreciated Italian wines for its rare making technique. Wineries use the same grapes as for the Valpolicella wines, but Amarone grapes are left to dry, ferment and age for at least two years before bottling the wine. Word from the experts is that it’s structured, powerful, elegant and smooth, with high alcohol content. A must-drink!



3. Soave. In the prom metaphor, Soave would always be Amarone’s queen. It is one of the most consumed white wines in Italy and the most exported internationally. Soave has been produced in the region of the same name, at the East of Verona, from the middle ages. Experts say it is light, dry and savory and it is very common to drink it as an aperitif.



If you are interested in finding out more about our winery tradition, check our package Taste of Veneto to go on an exciting wine tour! Remember to always drink responsibly and come home safe to Palazzo Victoria, your favorite hotel in Verona. Salute!

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Four Special Surprises this Summer at Palazzo Victoria

Summer holidays are made to rest and enjoy. After work and stress, your body needs a good dose of relaxation to reboot and reenergize. Maybe you are the kind of traveler that loves running around the city exploring every monument and museum. Perhaps you are the laid-back type that prefers plentiful meals and long naps. In either case, at Palazzo Victoria we’ve decided it’s our top priority to make you enjoy and remember your time in Verona, regardless of the sort of traveler that you are. And in order to do so, we are starting new plans and activities to make your holidays unforgettable!

Here is a brief sneak peek of the four packages we’re cooking for you:

If you have a soft spot for Italian cuisine, you’ll enjoy Gourmet. You will experience a culinary journey through the streets of Verona, which will end at one of the most exclusive restaurants in town. Of course, our own Borsari36 will also be a key scenario on this foodie trip!

Taste of Veneto will please the most demanding palates. Discover the ancient techniques behind rice fields and wine cellars, where some of the most delicious Italian products are made. We’ll treat you to a wine tasting, while you enjoy some of the most stunning landscapes of the Veneto.

PV july 3 - thursday



Romeo and Juliet are still one of the main attractions of the city. And we know why—Verona is the perfect place to fall in love! Charming Tour will give you a guided tour of Romeo and Juliet’s Verona, as well as inviting you to an aperitif with Valpolicella wines and a real VIP treatment.

But if you’re here for an authentic cultural immersion, The Italian Drama will take you to the ideal place to go: the Opera. You’ll get two tickets for central seats at the Arena, a breathtaking scenario for amazing performances, and you’ll enjoy dinner at Borsari36.

Keep tuned to find out more about our special packages. More details are yet to come! Here at Palazzo Victoria, your favorite hotel in Verona, we will make sure that your holidays are memorable.

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Taste of Veneto: discover the sensorial variety of our region.

Imagine millions of rice grains; the golden, thick olive oil pouring. Think of vast, green wineyards spreading out to the sun. Remember the smell of the sea; the dampness in the skin coming from the lake. Now, try to connect these pictures and create a collage. This will give you a glimpse of what the Veneto is.

And to celebrate the sensorial variety of our region, the Palazzo Victoria’s team has designed a package for you, so you can have a taste of it.

‘Taste of Veneto’ includes a two nights stay in a deluxe room with VIP treatment, a daily buffet breakfast for two and a two days culinary tour:

During the first day you can choose between a half-day tour to the ancient rice fields or to an oil farm. The second day will consist of a guided tour to one of the typical wine cellars of Verona, some wine tasting and a light lunch.

In addition, you can request a guided tour to the rice fields or the wine cellars with private chauffeur through the routes of the wine, rice and oil estates (service not included in the package’s cost).

The package is priced from € 920,00 two nights, for two people. This special offer will be available until 30st November.

You are still on time to come and savor it for yourself.

For more information:


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