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Your summer in Verona: make it real!

Imagine these three situations…

  • The sun has already set, the air is cooler and you’re about to have a drink by the river Adige
  • After a morning walk around town, you want to recharge your batteries in a nice terrace at Piazza delle Erbe
  • You’re getting dressed up to enjoy an spectacle at one of the most incredible stages ever: l’Arena

…they might sound dreamy, but they can be a reality for you.

Learn about our special summer rates and, in case you need more information, do not doubt finding us at 0039. or at

In Palazzo Victoria, at the heart of Verona, you can visit an archaeology museum, dine in a nice restaurant and have a cocktail in a club all-together without even leaving the place.

Make this the summer of your life! Make this your summer in Verona!

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The Story of Palazzo Victoria

You cannot sleep in a museum. You just visit it and walk through it to finally get out of it. However, there’s an exception. We often tell you that Palazzo Victoria is a museum and we do not lie: the place you know today as your boutique hotel in Verona was actually built during the 14th century. It is thought they had the intention to make a palace of it and the most incredible fact is that more than 600 years later, we can still see the remaining mosaics and the preserved ruins that once were part of the original building.

Mr. Marcello Pigozzo used to like and be curious about the palace during his childhood in Verona; 40 years later his dream of buying it became true and, by using his Midas touch, he turned the palace into one of the most important hotels in the very heart of the town.

Close to la Porta Borsari, la Pizza Bra and l’Arena, Palazzo Victoria is daily invaded by this romantic halo that surrounds the city. Such a very special sensation that we want our guests to feel everytime they stay with us. 

The museum’s doors are always open and yes, you can stay the night.

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Why Goethe was so impressed by the Giusti Gardens?

While sat under one of the cypresses, enjoying the refreshment of its shadow, the great German poet felt overwhelmed by all the beauty around him. Today we could think of his feeling as a ‘poetic exaggeration’. But it was not. The sensibility of his did not betray the clarity of his senses. In fact, if you sum the cypresses, the fountains, the statues and the maze the result you get is something beyond words.

The Palazzo and the gardens, properties of the Giusti family, were designed and built in the 16th century. In addition to some lesser changes previously performed, after World War II the gardens  were reformed, in order to correct the damages caused by the conflict. Therefore, what we can see today is a clear example of a Renaissance style Italian garden, of which esthetic is based on geometrical structures.

Located in the east side of Verona, near to the city center and to Piazza Isolo, you can find the Giusti area at Via Giardino Giusti, 2. The garden is open from 9 am to 7 pm until March, and from April to September (summer period), from 9 am to 8 pm. With regards to the tickets, the standard entrance is priced of €6, the reduced entrance (+15 people groups), €5, and the school entrance, €3.

This visit is not included within the Verona Card offers. However, if you want to understand what Goethe felt at the cypress’s shadow, we highly recommend visiting the Giusti Gardens.



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Punta San Virgilio: a legendary place not far from Verona

A mythological woman turned to stone and the most beautiful views of Lake Garda in one location. Let’s discover more about it:

They say there is an ancient legend involving Punta San Virgilio, one of these magical places surrounding Lake Garda, not too far from Verona. Virgil, a descendant of a satyr, went north from Sicily and fell in love with a nymph called Stella. She didn’t love him back and broke his heart. Then, hurt and humiliated, Virgil turned Stella into a rock, which, as they say, we can still see today.

Besides the intensity of this story, there is something that makes Punta San Virgilio the special place it is: the landscapes. In the past, many famous people like Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh came to watch the spectacular views that can be seen from this peculiar point. In fact, the place’s beauty keeps inspiring people every year to come and take a look.

Do you like what you see? In case you do, whenever you are in Verona, do not doubt taking a trip, by car or bus, to Punta San Virgilio. Sure it will be an experience you will never forget!

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‘Le Falie’ or the story of a town full of artists

Within the region of Verona there is a town called Velo Veronese, located in the mountains. Back in 1990, Alessandro Anderloni, a young actor, created a theater group under the name of Le Falie which today includes not only a theater company but also a polyphonic chorus, a children’s chorus and a cultural association. This means that more than 300 people are involved in Le Falie, making the town of Velo Veronese a very special one.

Every Friday until the 7th March a new cultural event will take place at la Sala dei Centomila, so, if you want more information about Le Falie, you can visit their website:

A town only inhabited by artists. You cannot miss the chance to visit it, can you?

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Verona Card, an easy way of discovering our town.

When it comes to travelling and sightseeing one looks for all the comfort one can get. This is the reason why they created and started selling the Verona Card, a tool that allows one to enjoy all the things our town has to offer with free or reduced admission tickets. The Card has two different modalities:

–          You can buy the 24 hours Card (priced as €15)

–          You can buy the 72 hours Card (priced as €20) *

Beyond the option you choose to purchase, after doing it, you will have free access to places such as l’Arena, la Casa di Giulietta, il Complesso del Duomo and la Torre dei Lamberti. In addition, you will have reduced tickets’ prices for il Giardino Giusti and la Sala Boggian among other places, as well as the possibility of using the city bus travel for free. However, these are not the only advantages the Card offers. You can also ask for its added benefits with regards to, for instance, the Opera Festival performances and the shows at il Teatro Filarmonico.

Where you can buy the Card? It is not hard to be found at all:

–          In several monuments, churches and museums like il Museo Africano.

–          In IAT Tourist Information Offices (They will be closed until the 23rd March!)

–          Online: at

In case you need more information, you can visit this site:

As always, Palazzo Victoria wishes you a very nice stay in our lovely town.

*The time will start running after the first validation of the Card. 

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Verona is getting ready for this year’s Valentine’s day.

Paris and Helen of Troy, Calisto and Melibea, Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy… What did they have in common? It’s pretty simple: Love. The kind of everlasting love we all dream about and want to share with our partners every day… and especially on Valentine’s Day. This year, the most romantic location in Italy is opening its arms for all the lovers again. From Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th February several events will take place in Verona. During these days, for example, the access to Juliet’s house and grave will be free and, regarding the rest of the monuments, every couple will only have to buy one ticket to enter. Restaurants such as La Ginestra, Salgari or Al Bersagliere will follow the ‘Due cuori a tavola’ (Two hearts at the table) initiative, so that they will offer special menus.

What about Palazzo Victoria? We don’t want to let this day pass by without doing something. Hence, we have created a special promotion for you; the ‘One love’ package:

The package includes:

•          A double deluxe room with upgrade to the next room category (upon availability)

•          A special gift in your room upon arrival

•          A unique night at the bar with the special cocktail “the limited edition of love”

•          A magic live music show with violins

•          A romantic dinner created by the executive chef of Borsari36 Carmine Calò

•          A lovely farewell gift before departure

The big red heart will invade la Piazza dei Signori, of course. Will you and your beloved one be here to see it?



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The Salviatino Collection’s team wishes you a merry Christmas

The Salviatino Collection’s team wishes you a merry Christmas



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The Winter Season starts at Il Teatro Nuovo di Verona.

Travelling is not only about discovering new places, tasting new flavors and trying new experiences. Travelling is also about seeking a little rest. Sometimes we need to break away from our daily routines in order to recharge our batteries. This is the main reason we love films and plays; they entertain us, give us a break and also let us live other lives for a little while. This is also the main motive why this week we are introducing to you Il Grande Teatro, Il Teatro Nuovo di Verona’s Winter theatrical season.

This season, current from the 5th of November to the 23rd of Marh 2013, is full of novelties. Some of the best Italian actors are participating in it in order to perform some classical works by De Filippo, Ibsen and Miller, as well as plays by contemporary authors such as Patroni Griffi or Ronald Harwood. The next performance will be Hedda Gable, by Henrik Ibsen, starring Manuela Mandancchia and Luciano Roman, from the 26th to the 30th of November and also the 1st of December at 8.45 p.m.

If you come to Verona along these months, looking for something different to do, do not forget the schedule of Teatro Nuovo.; perhaps you would like to go. Whatever you choose to do, from Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona, we hope you have the loveliest stay in our beautiful town.

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Taste of Veneto: discover the sensorial variety of our region.

Imagine millions of rice grains; the golden, thick olive oil pouring. Think of vast, green wineyards spreading out to the sun. Remember the smell of the sea; the dampness in the skin coming from the lake. Now, try to connect these pictures and create a collage. This will give you a glimpse of what the Veneto is.

And to celebrate the sensorial variety of our region, the Palazzo Victoria’s team has designed a package for you, so you can have a taste of it.

‘Taste of Veneto’ includes a two nights stay in a deluxe room with VIP treatment, a daily buffet breakfast for two and a two days culinary tour:

During the first day you can choose between a half-day tour to the ancient rice fields or to an oil farm. The second day will consist of a guided tour to one of the typical wine cellars of Verona, some wine tasting and a light lunch.

In addition, you can request a guided tour to the rice fields or the wine cellars with private chauffeur through the routes of the wine, rice and oil estates (service not included in the package’s cost).

The package is priced from € 920,00 two nights, for two people. This special offer will be available until 30st November.

You are still on time to come and savor it for yourself.

For more information:


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