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Verona puts on its ‘maschera più bella’ for Carnival



For another year, we’re all dusting off our costumes and trying on our masks for Carnival. During these happy days, at Palazzo Victoria we’re letting in a little magic and daydreaming. As some of you might know, some parties and parades will be taking place in Verona until Friday 13th, which will be the most special day of all: il Venerdì Gnocolar. But in order to understand the true importance of this day, we should do a little trip back in time.

Farewell hunger
In the mid years of the 17th century, the Veronese faced some tough times. Hunger and illness were the daily companions, and many people died to them. It was not until a wealthy doctor made a donation to the people around San Zeno, providing them with wine, flour, potatoes… so that these poor people could fight hunger and survive. Mr. Tommaso da Vico, that was the name of the doctor, stated that every year, around these same dates, the people would be given some food. And, involuntarily, he started the tradition of Gnocchi (now best-known as the local dish) and the Venerdì Gnocolar, which symbolize the end of the suffering for the people.

90 minutes by train from Venice
But the music, the costumes and the good mood are not the only advantages of celebrating Carnival in Verona…
Everybody knows that the Carnival of Venice is the most important one in the world. In fact, finding a place to stay there during these days is highly difficult. However, staying in Verona, you’d only be 90 minutes by train from Venice. Do you want to visit Venice these days? Perhaps you should have this option in mind!
In the meantime, you could try on your most beautiful mask, and prepare for the time of your life in the heart of Veneto.

For more information about Carnival activities in Verona (in Italian):


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Veneto, a land of art and artists

We are honestly proud to say that many interesting people were born in Verona or in another place within the Veneto. Our land has always been very fruitful and not only for the wines. But, can you imagine who these people were? In case not, do not worry. We are about to tell you a little about some of our all time notorious citizens:

–          Amy Adams (Vicenza, 1974): this American actress who you could have seen in films such as Doubt, The Fighter or Trouble with the Curve was actually born in the lovely city of Vicenza, not too far away from Verona.



–          Catullus (Verona, 84 BC): the universally-known Latin poet has his roots in our beautiful city. His extraordinary elegies and the eroticism of his works continue to inspire artist from all over the world.

–          Titus Livius ‘Livy’ (Padua, 59 BC): everyone who has studied classic history must know his name; he was the Roman historian par excellence and he was born in the nice city of Padua.

–          Andrea Palladio (Padua, 1508): also born in Padua, he is best known as one of the greatest architects from The West. His clean and proportioned style has been a school for several other architects after him.

–          Marco Polo (Venice –presumably- 1254): He does not need any introduction. There is quite a distance between Italy and China but it did not hold back this other worldly man to do the wonderful feat he did.

–          Tintoretto (Venice, 1518): One of the Renaissance’s greatest artists. Il Furioso as he was known at his time was born in Venice.



–          Titian (Pieve di Cadore, 1488): another indispensable artist from the Renaissance. At his time, he was often known as da Cadore, due to his place of birth.

–          Antonio Vivaldi (Venice, 1678): Baroque music cannot be understood without him. At least once in a lifetime everybody has heard his most famous creation, The Four Seasons. Some echoes of his wonderful works can still be heard in the Venice’s canals if you listen carefully…

As you can see, the Veneto is a land of art; musicians, painters, architects and actors have been born in here. So, who knows what kind of magical things could happen if you came here! And maybe sleeping in a museum like Palazzo Victoria, your luxury hotel in Verona, could be a great start.

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